Paul's Partner Program 1.0 (BETA)


[the first 10 people who join also will get APP software to use or sell
we will let you know if this is still available after successful registration]

Finally - after some months we can talk about our secret project.

We have been working on Paul’s Partner Program (BETA).
Designed for startups, agencies and more. You can start making the first steps in creating a Freedom Business, if you match the criteria to join the (BETA) partner program, starting at $97/month - who wants more info when we launch? (private invite only).

The Partner Beta Program is the "all in one" connected marketing system/solution for offline and online business owners and has (to start with) 10 modules of SAAS Software. Each software has enterprise-level and userfriendly features, at a relatively more affordable entry point. This is something I wanted to have for myself years ago in 2012 when I started online...so now I created the unique offer myself.

We're going to keep adding new software and expanding the partner program as time goes on to make it one of the best partnerships in the world: not only the technology but also more high-quality education based on human learning principles...

The idea is instead of spending up to $3,000+ on various software/apps and then trying to figure out on your own on how to integrate all of them or follow some confusing often outdated online tutorials - we aim at delivering you get better Online Education on how to link this chain into a connected funnel with Sales & Delivery automation and start creating an online freedom business system. For $97-$597 / month. That's what you may call a “ridiculous offer”.

#1 Unlimited Funnel/Page builder (for unlimited domains)
#2 Unlimited Meetings (zoom like software)
#3 Unlimited Webinars (unvaluable)
#4 Unlimited Recording space for your online tutorials
#5 Scheduling System (online bookings, calls, etc...)
#6 GoLive on Facebook and on YouTube with better software
#7 Social Proof builder (text, video, audio)
#8 Unlimited Link Builder (company pro version)
#9 SMS Automation (Campaigns / Broadcasts, etc)
#10 Unlimited Invoicing system (developed by a genius)
...and a lot more added in the future

What's really cool is that these software are developed by some of the best software developers in the world. And I know because I worked for the market leader in content management, worked more then 10 years with software developers and worked for some TOP data companies in the Netherlands.
And I don't like to "brag" but I like to inspire: I was part of an implementation team in the Netherlands who won a prize for best-automated company. But hey this doesn't come overnight this takes years of building these kinds of skills...

For example: Say you're selling to restaurants - now you can use high premium software that is scalable to build their online visibility and collect leads in a smarter way: based on data-driven decisions (but hey that is for in the online education program). Also - we've identified all kinds of niches we're going to be offering our services to, so now with this beta program you would be able to do the same and also offer your services all over the world...

Oh and one more thing… some people call me “the Ultra[L]earner”, I helped and delivered knowledge in the past years to more than 1.000 students, professionals and also teachers to improve their learning skills regardless of age or background, nobody is doing this...and know I really like to help.

For Your Freedom
drs. Paul A.C. Esser (MSc)



Your Online Mentor "The Ultralearner"

drs. Paul Esser (MSc)
drs. Paul Esser (MSc)

  • First of class Master of Science degree in Information Management
  • Excellent grades for all internships at Higher Professional Education
  • Earned a OXFORD diploma for running a Mini-Enterprise
  • Part of AWARD winning Software implementation Team
  • Worked for TOP Data & IT Companies in the Netherlands
  • Since 2012 an Online Academy Creator for Personal Development
  • Since 2015 Guest teacher in Accelerated Learning at Universities
  • Asked by the Chambre of Commerce to give inspiration sessions for new online entrepreneurs
  • Product Owner Tier5 LinkWizard
  • Chief Knowledge Officer Mintware

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the partner program start and finish?
.The partner program (BETA) starts after we receive your payment. It stops after a) the payment is canceled by you or b) by us or c) the software is not available anymore at that moment in time by the supplier, then we will always find another solution together to replace that part of the funnel. After we receive your payment we create your user licenses of all the current available SAAS software.
How long do I have access to the partner SAAS Software?
As long as you pay for your partner license by staying an active member. The partner license will be registered on your email name (which you fill in on the next page) at completing your payment.
What if I am unhappy with the partner program?
Because of the low price-point, we don't do refunds and we also don't do long term contracts. So you can cancel anytime. This is a mutual cancellation option so also we can cancel the project, but if you pay for the partner license the SAAS will accessible.
Is this Unique Partner Program available forever?
Nope. After the open spots are filled in we close the program, because we want to give enough dedicated support to everyone in our partnership.
Is the current LOCK-IN prices available forever?
Nope. Prices will increase as soon as new partners decide to also join.


If You're Not Happy with our services or that of our software partners, We'll Do Our Best To Fix It! If You're Still Not Happy Simply Cancel your account by yourself in your own online dashboard at webclassacademy.com

[the first 10 people who join also will get APP software to use or sell
we will let you know if this is still avalable after your successful registration]

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